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Rugby League Physiotherapists - Newcastle

Rugby League is an international contact sport played at amateur, semi professional and professional levels. It is an extremely demanding team sport where players are subject to frequent bouts of high intensity activity such as running, sprinting and tackling separated by low intensity activity such as walking or jogging. During a match, players are exposed to numerous collisions and ‘tackles’ and subsequently musculoskeletal injuries are common (Gabbet, 2003).

Common injuries in rugby league

Rugby league players suffer various non contact sprains and strains but the majority of injuries result from the 'tackle'. This causes a large number of direct blow injuries such as contusions or haematomas.

The majority of recent studies have reported that the head and neck are the most commonly injured area in rugby league however there are some studies that have found the lower limbs are the most common area (Gabbet, 2004).

Lambton Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine provided on and off field care for the Western Suburb Rosella's for 10 years, and are very familiar with the vast array of injuries that occur in Rugby League and how to best manage them. Our trained sports physiotherapists will assess your injury and assist with getting back on the field in your best shape.


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